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Old Testament Lineage

Abraham and Sarah– Husband and wife–step brother and sister(Gen 20:12) Their son Isaac was born when Abraham was 100 and Sarah was 90– Abraham slept with Hagar(Sarah’s maid servant) had a son Ishmael–Abraham had a nephew named Lot.

Isaac and Rebekah– Twins fighting in Rebekah’s womb(Gen25:22)

Esau–Isaac’s favorite son, great hunter– sold birthright of spiritual leadership to  Jacob for a bowl of lentil soup to stay alive(Gen25:32)– married a Canaanite

Jacob(the younger)–Rebekah’s favorite son, more spiritual–renamed Israel after  wrestling with an angel all night(Gen 32:28)

Jacob had 4 wives,12 sons, one daughter, circa 600 BC

Leah(Rachel’s sister)—sons–Rueben, Simeon, Levi,         Judah, Issachar,Zebulun

Bilhah(Rachel’s maid)–sons–Dan, Naphtali

Zilphah–sons–Gad, Asher

Rachel(Jacob’s favorite wife)–sons–Joseph and               Benjamin (Rachel died giving birth to Benjamin)

Joseph–sons–Ephriam and Manasseh

Ephraim and Manasseh were “adopted” by Jacob(their grandfather) and treated as though they were his own, like Reuben and Simeon (Gen 48:5).  “Therefore they were called Israel” also (JST, Gen 48:5) and were to  receive an inheritance like the other tribes of Israel. Through this  action, Joseph’s tribe received “one portion above” his brethren  (Gen 48:22). The birthright now passed on to Ephraim (Jer. 31:9)  through Joseph (1 Chr. 5:1). His tribe was not only to receive a “double” land inheritance in Canaan, through Ephaim  and Manasseh, but would also receive another land, the  American continents, for the remnant of Joseph (Ether 13:8)

Manasseh– Machir, Lehi

Lehi– Posterity is in The Book of Mormon