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DARK SCIENCE: Abortion organ harvesting rooted in the philosophy of scientific materialism (and the refusal to recognize consciousness)

Wednesday, August 05, 2015
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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(NaturalNews) Over the last few weeks, America has experienced shock at the revelation that human babies are being harvested for their organs during live abortion procedures. This is all being carried out by Planned Parenthood in the name of “science.”

But what kind of science underlies such seemingly evil activities? What sort of philosophy must be infecting the minds of individuals who can look at a human baby and see it only as a collection of biological parts to be harvested and sold for profit?

The answer is found in scientific materialism.

The false paradigm of materialism

Scientific materialism is the default philosophy underpinning virtually all modern science: medical science, agricultural science, technology, economics and more. It is based on the false assumption that everything in our universe is made of material stuff. This belief excludes any idea of consciousness, free will, the non-physical mind and the value of any conscious being which possesses such qualities.

Scientific materialism is essentially a philosophy of death… A philosophy that places no value in life whatsoever, believing that life itself is nothing more than a purposeless accident that just happened to take place on our planet, without any meaning, design, or end goal.

Virtually all scientists in the Western world today operate from a cult-like belief in scientific materialism. By definition, then, they do not believe in the existence of consciousness, free will, or the mind. Thus, when they see an infant that is alive and being delivered from the womb of a mother, they do not see a conscious being that can experience pain, retain memories, or one day make decisions of its own. All they see is a collection of tissue: heart, liver, genitals, a brain, legs and arms and so on.

The value of a conscious being is far more than the sum of its biological parts

The philosophical delusions of scientific materialism literally block the mind of a scientist from being able to recognize that this human being is worth more than the collection of its parts. And what is this new born human being really worth? According to Planned Parenthood it’s worth about $100 per organ. But you and I know that the value of a human being cannot be expressed as a financial figure. The value of a conscious being goes far beyond the realm of scientific materialism or economic materialism. That value can only be understood in the context of embracing the value of creativity, free choice, divine inspiration, and innovation stemming from free will.

To look at a human being and see it only as being worth the collection of its parts is much like looking at a grand piano and seeing its value is nothing more than firewood rather than an instrument through which great composers can express some of the most sacred emotions in the human experience. Sit someone like Mozart in front of a piano and you’ll discover that the instrument (and the man) is worth far more than the collection of its parts. Similarly, if you nurture a human child and give it inspiration and the freedom to express ideas and creativity, then you will give rise to a conscious being of unlimited value which may make unfathomable contributions to the future of human civilization.

But because modern science does not believe in the nonmaterial realm of existence, it cannot grasp the very concept of any being having a value beyond its parts. Planned Parenthood refers to a human baby as merely “tissue” to be “harvested” for science.

As a result of this twisted mythology that infects the belief systems of nearly all modern scientists, the dangers of scientific totalitarianism in our modern society are very real. Because there is no separation of science and state in our modern society, scientists have become the new high priests, dictating all matters of importance to the government, covering medicine, agriculture, technology and even parenting.

For example the recently passed mandatory vaccination law in California known as SB 277 establishes the precedent that scientific totalitarianism should override parental rights. This law rejects the idea that individuals in society should be allowed to make choices regarding the health of their own children. It even denies the right to a public education to all children who have not been injected with whatever deadly chemicals the pharmaceutical industry is pushing this year, confirming yet again that science believes children have no value to society whatsoever unless they are wholly obedient to the agenda of the high priests of scientific totalitarianism.

Science believes bodies only exist to generate profits, not to serve as vessels for consciousness

Is this same philosophy of scientific materialism that believes, for example, that cancer patients only exist to enrich the financial profits of oncology centers and pharmaceutical companies. The actual quality of life for a cancer patient is of no concern whatsoever to those who operate in the cancer industry. That’s why their treatments — such as chemotherapy — are literally derived from chemical weapons that were originally developed for warfare. These chemical weapons, when dripped into the veins of cancer patients, cause tremendous suffering and permanent organ damage, destroying the quality of life of the cancer patient and more often than not literally killing the patient before the cancer kills them.

Yet this is known as “science.” It is a science that recognizes no value in the human experience of the patient being treated. There is no consideration whatsoever for the suffering, the pain, the fear and the consciousness of the patient. Instead, patients are seen as biological tools to be exploited for profit, in exactly the same way that Planned Parenthood sees unborn human infants as biological specimens to be chopped up and sold for profit.

Mass murder in the name of “science” will continue until the day consciousness is universally recognized

As long as science is unable to embrace the reality of nonmaterial consciousness, it will continue to devalue life and cause untold pain and suffering across the populations of the world. Until medical science embraces the reality of human consciousness and free will, it will be unable to honor the simple idea of universal medical choice.

The artifacts of scientific materialism are observable all around us. They include the frequent reports of medical kidnapping: the phenomenon of hospitals kidnapping children and senior citizens to force treatments upon them against the wishes of those individuals or their parents. Medical kidnapping is, of course, rooted in the philosophy of scientific materialism, believing that free will and free choice are nothing more than illusions of a biological brain, and therefore they don’t count. Under the tyranny of scientific materialism, the state asserts its power to dictate medical interventions upon people who individually choose to reject them. The justification for totalitarian medical interventions that override individual medical choice is that “science” demands it… and more specifically, that “science” is only understood by “scientists” while everyday people are too stupid to understand it (and therefore too stupid to be “allowed” to make their own decisions).

What’s crucial to understand here is that this death-worshiping philosophy allows the state and even the medical establishment to justify absolutely anything — including the mass murder of human babies — in order to achieve its scientific agenda. Think about it: if Planned Parenthood can literally murder babies and chop them into pieces to be sold off for scientific research, there is almost nothing they cannot similarly justify… including mass executions or even genocide.

Scientific tyranny in America today resembles the Third Reich in more ways than one

I’m reminded of the science-based propaganda of the Nazi regime in the 1930s and 40s. Then, the value of a human being was quantified solely by that person’s ability to contribute to a stronger government regime. Individuals who are no longer contributing to society — such as the physically handicapped, mentally handicapped, or elderly — were conveniently rounded up and murdered by the state. Propaganda posters reminded the citizens that financially supporting less-than-productive individuals who were not contributing to the nation was weakening the country as a whole and burdening the German people.

Thus, scientific materialism demanded that individuals be executed by the state for “the good of society”. This is the exact same thinking under which vaccine mandates are now pushed today across California and other states. While vaccine proponents will, if they are truly honest about it, admit that vaccines do cause brain damage and even kill some children, their excuse is that it’s worth it for “the good of society”.

Not surprisingly, this is the same argument that Planned Parenthood is now putting forth in the harvesting of organs from once-living human babies. They say the harvesting of these tissues is being done “for the good of society” because such tissues are sold off for scientific research. Once again, this was precisely the same justification used in the Tuskegee medical experiments carried out over four decades on black men in America. Similarly, the NIH also funded criminal medical experiments on prisoners in Guatemala. And back to the Nazi regime in Germany, pharmaceutical companies conducted mass medical experiments on Jewish prisoners, justifying the practice by saying that what they would learn from using Jews as human guinea pigs would “contribute to science” and help create “a better society.”

These are the justifications of scientists who worship materialism. And these are scientists who are a grave threat to all of humanity and its children. Any society that refuses to recognize the value of consciousness is a danger to all conscious beings. And the fact that today in America, over 3500 babies are aborted and killed every single day, reveals just how little value is placed on human lives in a society dominated by scientific materialism.

The recognition of non-physical consciousness is the key solution

What’s the answer to all this? The answer is the universal recognition of consciousness. This is the next step in human understanding and human progress. It is a step that will render much of today’s so-called scientific “facts” obsolete, in much the same way that the discovery of quantum mechanics rendered Newtonian physics obsolete in the realms of atomic physics.

Consciousness is the next great realm of discovery for humanity, and it is a realm that cannot be fully explored or understood through the limited reductionism of materialistic science. Consciousness is more than material; it is mind, it is self-awareness, it is spirit and soul interacting with the biological brain, creating what might be called cognitive computational holography.

In the realm of high-level physics, consciousness is increasingly understood as the actual creator of all that is material. Without the Observer, many physicists now believe, there would be nothing in the material world to observe. Is the act of observation through a conscious mind that literally creates the physical world which appears to be real. A more detailed exploration of these concepts demands an entirely different article, of course, but the point is that the mass murder of babies through abortion is not a phenomenon that stands alone. It is an extension of a doomed philosophy that continues to infect the minds of nearly all scientists in the Western world today: a doomed philosophy of scientific materialism.

This is why we must all be wary of anything being pushed upon us in the name of “science.” It’s not just that much of today’s science is really nothing more than corporate-funded junk science with a profit agenda; it’s also the fact that nearly all modern scientists reject the idea of consciousness, the soul, and anything originating in the realm of spirit or the divine. And because of that, these scientists do not value life… not any life… and certainly not your life either. They will destroy your life, or take your life, in an instant if it means gaining power or profits in the name of “science.”

Above all, recognize that scientific materialism is really a 17th-century concept that has persisted into the modern day only because of the suppression of real science by those who worship materialism. Science today has become the Church of Scientism, complete with its own suppression of knowledge, its “Bible” of faith-based assumptions, and its domineering stance of intellectual bullying and real-world tyranny against those who do not follow the faith. Led by empty-minded, soulless bullies and denialists like Richard Dawkins, today’s Church of Scientism remains a grave danger to all conscious life everywhere… not just on planet Earth but other planets across the galaxy which may harbor advanced biological life forms that will one day be callously “harvested” for “tissue” by Earth scientists in exactly the same way Planned Parenthood runs human baby chop shops on Earth today.

It is my belief, however, that intelligent life in our universe will not tolerate the extra-terrestrial colonization of other planets by a species steeped in such an idiotic scientific delusion. Earth scientists ridiculously believe they have unraveled the greatest mysteries of the cosmos while, at the same time, they still haven’t grasped the reality of arguably the most self-evidence truth of all: that we are all conscious, self-aware beings and not deterministic biological robots.

Until this simple, self-evident realization is grasped, consciousness-denying people like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins and even Stephen Hawking are little more thanmasters of self delusion exhibiting unrivaled cosmic stupidity. Even an average Buddhist monk understands more about the universe than the most celebrated scientific materialists of the western world… people who are so self-deluded, they’re still searching for the “God particle!”

Beyond hilarious