Rat Worship

Rat Worship



3. Karni Mata Temple

This is a temple in India, and a rather quirky one. Here, tourists can see hundreds of rats scurrying across the temple. This is because, the temple is made to appease Goddess Karni, who believed that, instead of her family members dying, and they will all be reincarnated as rats. But people who are scared of rats need not worry, as the rats found there are quite peaceful and harmless. The rat populace here is considered sacred, and people believe that they protect the temple from harm. Locals even come to take blessings from these rats, as they are deemed holy, and it is said that, if you find food that has been nibbled by any of the rats here, that food is a blessing! And if any one rat dies, then that rat has to be replaced with a solid gold one!


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