When You Get Stopped By Police

SCOTUS: Police Can Make Up Laws And Then Violate Your Rights WTF? 12/20/2014 (Video)

Saturday, December 20, 2014 19:33

This is so shocking. The amount of treason going on in the Supreme Court is beyond imaginable. You know this is bad when only Justice Sotomayor was the only one who disagreed with the consensus of the court. Enjoy!!!

Main Text of that ruling:

The majority held that a police officer’s reasonable mistake of law can indeed provide the individualized suspicion required by the Fourth Amendment to justify a traffic stop based upon that understanding. In her concurring opinion, Kagan wrote that the full text of North Carolina’s law “poses a quite difficult question of interpretation, and Sergeant Darisse’s judgment, although overturned, had much to recommend it”. In her dissent, Sotomayor argued that the reasonableness of a search or seizure should instead be determined by evaluating “an officer’s understanding of the facts against the actual state of the law.”

This is why it is important to ask a Officer, under what Statute or Law would one being stopped apply?

The FIRST Action in any traffic stop is to FIRST ask.. “Is there an Emergency I can help you with?” The Officer will be stumped and then ASK if your FREE TO GO? If the Officer say’s NO!  YOUR UNDER CUSTODIAL ARREST and then Invoke your 5TH Amendment RIGHT of SILENCE!  No Chatter, no reasonable suspicion.

(Cop’s let you TALK to HANG YOURSELF) i.e. I smell Booze or Marijuana. It is then you ask for a supervisor as the officer is making FALSE ALLEGATIONS.

Cop’s are PAID TO LIE. They are only there to generate REVENUE for the STATE. Just as a Court appointed attorney is in Plea Bargaining you to A CRIME.

So they can arrive in a shinny patrol car after all is done with flashing lights to show the world as they pose with the dead bodies as if they actually did something. Cop’s wear guns to protect themselves… NOT YOU! Be AWARE and be PREPARED, FEAR is not an option. Be safe everyone…


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