Why cholesterol doesn’t matter

Why cholesterol doesn’t matter

November 4, 2012

Lower cholesterol hasn’t led to better health

Congratulations, America — you’re healthier than ever!

In just over two decades, U.S. cholesterol levels have plunged by an average of 10 points, according to the latest figures being touted by the mainstream.

Total cholesterol? DOWN!

LDL cholesterol? DOWN!

Heart disease? Well… they’d rather not talk about that, so allow me — because it’s definitely NOT down.

Heart disease was our leading killer when the study began back in 1988. Our average total cholesterol was 206 mg/dL — and LDL levels were at 126 — so the feds made bringing total cholesterol down to below 200 a national priority.

And for once, they set a priority and actually realized it. (Too bad it wasn’t something that actually matters, like the budget or our ballooning deficit!)

So here we are today, total cholesterol at a dream-come-true 196 mg/dL and average LDL levels down to a picture-perfect 116 mg/dL — and yet, heart disease is STILL our leading killer.

And it’s number one with a bullet.

Some 80 million Americans already have it — and that number’s going to swell by nearly 50 percent inside of single generation, with 116 million expected to have it by 2030.

So if the new cholesterol numbers being celebrated in the Journal of the American Medical Association are proof of anything, it’s that I’ve been right on this all along: When it comes to predicting heart risk, your cholesterol levels are about as relevant as your hat size.

In fact, despite what you’ve heard over the years, cholesterol is essential to your brain, muscles and, yes, even your heart — and low levels can cause cancer, dementia, and death.

That’s why falling below 200 is actually dangerous.

Don’t worry, there’s an easy cure for that: steak, eggs, pork chops, and chicken. The more fresh animal fats, the better. Just be sure to pass on the carbs, and watch your health improve by every measure.

Believe it or not, your total cholesterol levels won’t change too much despite all that extra fat in your diet — but they will and should remain above 200 (and below 300).

Not what you’ve heard? Of course it isn’t. If you want to learn more about the shocking truth behind cholesterol and the rest of the sacred mainstream medical myths, read this.

And for more on a risk factor for heart disease you really should worry about, keep reading!

– See more at: http://douglassreport.com/2012/11/04/lower-cholesterol-hasnt-led-to-better-health/#sthash.4YLc1mkR.dpuf


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